But first let me take a SELFIE..

Here is how Banksy the famous/anonymous streetart master looks at SELFIES


But Banksy cant stop the Selfie Generation

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Click Meeeeeee….


Wouldn’t you want to find out the reasons? Doesnt the word SHOCK arouse your curiosity?

Thats what CLICKBAIT is all about.  A Way to make you CLICK before you can move (scroll) on…

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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

graffiti done by the Brazilian artist Paulo Ito went viral during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Final


A simple painting of a starving child being given a football to eat !! 

With this Paulo Ito was able to critique his government. Ready to spend £6.5 billion on the World Cup even as the children were starving

A picture can convey much more than words. Use pics for your blogs.

So provide me pics along with your content

Here is a  Definitive Guide to Using Images on Your Blog