Here, the 2015 General Elective (Media and Communications) students will display their group projects on issues related to SOCIAL MEDIA


  • All Students will prepare CONTENT for a SINGLE WEB POST, which will then be displayed on this blog
  • Content includes written material and images with head line, tags, etc
  • Sociology Department will prepare a blog post on WEB SHAMING
  • History on the recent controversy regarding the renaming of Aurangazeb Road
  • Economics on the Chinese Stock Market Slump
  • Music on Music and Emotions
  • Hindi on Hans Literary Magazine (u people can interview Balwant m’am for this)
  • Sanskrit on the difficulties/challenges of studying what is called a “dead language”
  • Philosophy & Maths will work together on any theme of their choice

Points to keep in mind

  • This work will be done collectively as a department
  • Along with this the students also have to make their own individual Social Media project to show personal familiarity with Social Media
  • You will provide me with written as well as content. You can give it as a blogspot or wordpress post or you can give it to me as a word document
  • The marks will be the same for all students in one department
  • This will become part of the internal assessment marks along with attendance and other project work and test
  • if anyone wants to change their topic, talk and discuss with me in advance
  • if you have problems with English you can do the blog in HIndi too . Dont bother about your english, i can help you edit your language
  • What matters is the originality, attractiveness and freshness of your content

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